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  What They Say:

At Sullivan Vineyards we know how to do one thing really well: make great wine. In order to maintain our focus on winemaking and manage our business better, we wanted a technology provider who would understand our specific needs and implement solutions tailored to the way we operate on a day-to-day basis. APCR not only gave us the solutions we needed, but they explained it in a clear and concise manner so our entire company is able to actively use it to improve our business.”

Sean Sullivan, General Manager




Enhance your business strategy with a technology solutions provider you can trust.

APCR was formed to offer the East Bay business community affordable, appropriate and personal technology solutions. We deliver expert technology advice and advanced customer service through articulate communication and real world needs assessment. Our solutions address the entire problem, not just that day’s symptoms. Our philosophy is to work within our clients' business parameters to enhance their productivity. We take care of their technology needs in an effective manner and free up resources so they can focus on their core business.

Robert Love
With a background in Marketing, Public Relations, Customer Service and Sales Support at Sybase, Inc., Robert entered the Technology Sector 8 years ago when he joined then-named Luna Information Systems. Robert left what became I-many as a systems administrator to found APCR.

Keith Paolino
With 15 years of experience in Network Support, Sales, Customer Service and Graphic Design, Keith owned and managed Conjunctive Media, a small consulting firm supporting both Macintosh and Windows desktops. Keith left a business development position at Bintelsoft to join APCR as a partner.

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